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If you have heard the terrible stories about student loans and how fresh college graduates shiver at the thought of having to service the loan even before they get a decent job, chances are high that you are thinking twice about going to college. The truth is that there is a rising student loan debt in the country, but a lot of facts have been twisted, especially by the affected persons. The following are myths about college debt debunked.

1. College Debt Must Be Repaid And There’s No Other Option

The truth is that any loan must be repaid, but student loans are special because they are usually advanced to individuals who do not have a job. If you are not able to repay your student loan debt, there is an alternative – student loan forgiveness programs. Nearly half of college graduates who have a student loan qualify for these programs. While it may come with some strict requirements, it can help you deal with your college debt.

2. College Debt Cannot Affect Credit Ratings

This is a popular myth that can be blamed on poor understanding of financial matters by some students. The truth is that college debt can tarnish your credit history if you fail to service it when it falls due. Failing to pay your college debt can make it very difficult for you to get a mortgage or a personal loan in the future.

3. College Is Unaffordable Without A Huge Student Loan

Going to college in the United States is a costly venture. That is a fact that nobody can dispute. However, you can get through college without applying for a loan. All you need to do is take advantage of grants, live frugally and get a part time job.

4. Bankruptcy Is The Best Option To Shun College Debt

That is not true. Bankruptcy is an option of last resort. Besides, you have to prove many things to be declared bankrupt. For instance, you must prove that you have unsuccessfully tried to pay off your college debt, that you’re going through financial difficulty and lastly, that you are struggling to maintain a basic standard of living.

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A person may decide that he or she wants to change college paths. Such a decision may come to mind in the middle of obtaining a degree, or it can surface later in the person’s life. Changing college paths is a difficult process because of the finances that are involved with the initial program. However, a person can use a strategy to move forward with the changes that have come up. The following are some tips for changing college paths:

Speak to a Counselor

The first step a student will want to take is speaking to a counselor about the idea to change paths. A counselor can help the student to decide if he or she is making the correct decision. Sometimes, students just need encouragement and a source of motivation in their current paths. A learning course may become mundane if the student does not view it as a challenge. A counselor can schedule a quiet meeting during which he or she will discuss the person’s options for course redirection. This person can help the student to first recognize why he or she would like to change college paths. The solution could be quite simple if the two persons communicate with each other openly.

Try to Pick a Relevant Path

The student should try to pick a relevant path if it is at all possible. For example, a person can shift to medical coding from medical transcription without suffering from too much confusion. Both jobs are in the same field, but the latter may be better for the person because of the isolation factor. A medical transcriber has to take some of the same courses that a medical coding specialist has to take.

Try to Finish the Current Course

A student may want to wait and finish a current course if he or she is more than halfway finished. Some students become frustrated with their courses, and they want to change things in the middle of them. Seeing something through is always the best option. The student can take the newly learned information and incorporate it into the following stages of learning.

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Finding a job after graduation may seem difficult, but a graduate can achieve it perfectly with the right strategy. The key to succeeding when one is searching for a job is to know the talents that he or she matches. The next important key is for the person to know the type of personality that he or she possesses. The graduate does not have to spend money to find out where he or she would fit the best. Online personality assessments are available, and they can help graduates to find jobs that suit them.

The process of finding a job involves searching in places that they will be plentiful. However, a student should start searching for careers while he or she is still in school. The school’s career counselor can help connect that person to internships that can develop into long-term employment opportunities. Additionally, the counselor may have links to corporations that are looking for people to fill positions immediately.

The student will want to create a business profile as quickly as possible. LinkedIn is an example of a site that twill allow a graduate to post a business profile. LinkedIn is a professional social media site where a person can list his or her qualities. Other social media sites that could help a person to find a job are Facebook and Google +.

The student will want to ensure that his or her resume is complete and free of errors. A professional resume service can help a student to build a flawless resume.

Finally, the student will want to visit various sources of online job connections. Online newspapers, government employment agencies, public libraries and job search websites are examples of places that a person can start searching for a job. The potential to obtain a position will increase with each resume.

Finding a job is a process that requires a student to be on his or her best behavior and do everything possible to succeed. Doing everything possible includes dressing for success and speaking fluently in the interview.

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Going away to college is a rite of passage. For many students, it will mark the first time they have ever lived away from home and most will spend at least the first year in a college dorm. Ensuring they have everything they need for this transition will make college life more pleasant and provide much needed peace of mind for parents.

One essential piece of equipment for modern day college students is a reliable laptop. Having a laptop at college will make it easier to keep work organized and provide a valuable resource when researching information for class. A laptop also provides a great way to stay in touch with the family and can be an appreciated source of entertainment during down times.

The school will provide a bed but students must bring their own bedding. It is a good idea to bring at least two sets of sheets, so there will always be something clean if there is a delay in doing laundry. The same is true of bath towels. Pack extras so students do not have to do laundry as frequently.

Most dorm rooms do not have private bathrooms, so students should have a bathrobe. This allows them to walk to and from the community bathroom without having to get completely dressed every time they walk out of the dorm room.

Dorm rooms are typically very small with extremely limited storage space. Taking along an assortment of baskets and bins for socks, underwear, school supplies, clothing accessories and personal care items will eliminate the clutter and keep the room organized allowing roommates to maximize the available space.

A clothes hamper provides a convenient place to store dirty clothes until laundry day. When it is time to do laundry, the hamper is useful for transporting clothing to and from the laundry room.

A mini refrigerator is a must-have for many students. These small appliances are ideal for keeping snacks and beverages cold.

Students who bring everything they need for the dorm can eliminate the need to go shopping. Instead, they can start setting the room up right away and be prepared to focus on classes.

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If you are looking to join a post graduate program, you are probably getting ready to do the standardized tests that most graduate programs need. The tests are basically designed to gauge your worthiness for a graduate program so to speak; however, not many post graduate schools can admit you without the scores of these tests. Nonetheless, just like you, there are a number of colleges that don’t need you to take these tests since in some cases they may be pointless. For example, what would be the need of taking a test when you have years of experience in your field? If you do a little bit of digging, you will find a number of colleges that can offer you these programs without the tests. Some of these include:

Business Degree Programs

If you are looking to further your education in Business, you will be happy to know that there are some colleges and universities that will gladly accept your application without the standardized tests. Here is a list of these colleges:

• Ohio University — MBA

• Norwich University — Leadership

• North Eastern University — MBA as well as Finance and Marketing

• University of South California — Master of communication studies

• Rutgers –MBA

These are basically the major colleges and universities that will allow you to undertake business programs without doing any standardized test.

Post Graduate Programs in Health

Just like in business programs, there are some colleges that are open to the idea of applying for different post graduate programs in health without the GMAT and GRE scores. These include:

• Ohio University — nursing and Health Administration

• Maryville University – Master in health administration

• University of Arizona — Master in Nursing

• The University of Florida — Master In Pharmacy

• University of Cincinnati — Master in Health Informatics

In case you need to do a post graduate degree in health, there are so many colleges and universities you can choose. Boston University even offers an opportunity to do a master degree in IT without the standardized tests. In that case, you don’t need to worry about GMAT and GRE.

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