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On April 12, 2015, Unite Rutgers half marathon and 8K races, a CGI race event is scheduled.  Like other CGI events, the race has such a widespread popularity that it usually sells our well before the day of the race.  The race is held across the lovely campus at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Because it’s a college campus, the crowd is exceptionally spirited with onlookers composed of the student body, friends and family and a mix of sororities, fraternities and local bands. If you’re a runner, it will be a day to remember.  Not only are the runners a large enthusiastic group, so are the volunteers, many of them belonging to participating charity groups.

Promoting Charity

If you’re a runner promoting a particular charity, be sure to register by March 19, 2015 to get a vanity bib promoting your cause.  The spots go fast so be sure to register as soon as possible.  Spots will remain open until the 12th of April. Registration fees for individuals are $87 and students pay $59 for the half marathon.  All runners pay $56 for the 8K registration.

So Many Perks!

The race sponsors have loaded the Unite Rutgers race with perks.  The runners who make it across the finish lines get a commemorative coffee mug.  Every runner gets free training plans and a superior performance technical shirt.  Half marathon or the 8K race finishers get a commemorative medal to remember their participation in the event.

Volunteers Support

To support the race, you don’t have to be a runner, you can be a volunteer.  Volunteers set-up the event, man the water stations, cheer on the runners and help create a cheery celebration at the finish line.  To add incentive for volunteering, their assistance makes them eligible to receive a donation for their efforts at the end of the race.


Teams of runners from triathlon athletic groups, corporations and charity groups register to participate in the Unite Rutgers’s races every year.  Register your team and if you’d like to be part of a running team, join a registered team. Twenty person teams are eligible to win cash prizes.  There is a first place position that wins $750, a second place position that wins $500 and a third place position that wins $25. Additional perks for the 20 person teams is their own port-a-potty at the starting line and a tent at the finish line.

Join the fun at the Unite Rutgers Race on April 12, 2015. Promote your favorite charity by running to win.  It’s one of the most exciting annual events.  Don’t miss it, be a participant and we’ll see you racing in New Jersey.  Good luck!

The Unite New Jersey Half Marathon Is One Of A Kind! Register Today! :

New Jersey Half Marathon

On April 12th 2015 the Unite Rutger Race will begin, and you won’t want to miss it! This race is held at Rutgers University, one of the oldest colleges in the nation. The race takes you through the beautiful campus at Rutgers University, and ends down college avenue with thousands of fans cheering you on as you finish. CGI Racing is partnered with so many non-profit organizations, and they are able to raise thousands of dollars. You can even choose your favorite cause to support, just by selecting the organization you would like to team up with. With so many people participating in this race, many volunteers are needed. If you volunteer you have the choice to raise fund for your non-profit organization, or you can race for free. Once you have completed the race you will receive many perks. Everyone who finishes the race will get the unique coffee mug, finishing medal, shirt, training plans, and groups of 20 or more will receive a few extra perks. The race is something you will not want to miss. Unite to make a difference, and register today!

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