When it comes to acing college exams without working overtime, class notes make a world of difference. All good students, therefore, attend classes regularly and maintain notes for future reference. To make the most of your class notes, you need to adopt the right approach.

Here are some tips on note taking:

Be Organized

When you have several classes to attend and too little time on your hands, you need to be organized. Begin by maintaining separate notes for different classes. If possible, use separate binders to arrange your notes properly. You should also write your course name and date on each page to organize your notes.

Review Your Own Notes

Once the classes are over, you should go through your own notes to ensure everything makes sense. A quick review will tell you if you have missed out a word or number. Accordingly, you can check with your classmates to keep your notes updated.

Highlight Key Points

During classes, professors always emphasize key points that you are supposed to take special note of. A simple time-saving technique is to highlight key points that you should focus on when you are preparing for your exams. You can even leave your comments against the key points to remember they are important.

Listen Attentively

Merely jotting down notes is never going to help you when you are preparing for your exam. Instead, you should focus on listening attentively to what your professors are telling you. Once you start listening to what they are teaching you, it will be easier for you to make connections between the subject and its analysis. You will start thinking along the right lines and ask questions that really matter.

Compare Notes

Comparing notes can help you remember important points that were discussed in the class. Your classmates may have highlighted points that you missed. By comparing each other’s notes, you can get more insights to prepare for your exams.

Taking notes can help you save a lot of time and effort at the last minute. For more tips on how you can prepare for your college life, follow us at the Bryerson Family Education Blog.