It is important for children to get a good night’s sleep. Depending on the kid’s age you may be dealing with different issues related to sleep time. However some quick tips can help kids sleep easily and well.

Avoid Stimulation Close to Bedtime
In order to fall asleep easily your child’s body and mind should to be relaxed. Make sure she has a nutritious dinner, but not a big one, as this will keep her awake. Also close to dinner time avoid any foods or drinks that contain caffeine.

We think it is best to avoid stimulating activities close to bedtime.  Create a sleep routine that you and your child would enjoy, and will calm her. Television shows are best avoided at this time. And the same holds true for scary stories. The routine should last about 20 to 30 minutes.

A Consistent Routine
When you follow a consistent bedtime routine there will be less arguments and negotiations regarding the same. You can ask you child if she will go to be bed right away or in five minutes. Do this only once. You could also announce that bedtime will be in five minutes. This allows her to mentally gear up for the change in her routine.
It is best to avoid singing or rocking your child to sleep. This can trigger a condition known as sleep-onset association disorder, which makes your child dependent on your singing or movement. Allow your child to fall asleep by herself.

Comfort is Important
The bedclothes should be comfortable and the temperature of the room should be just right, neither too cool, nor too warm. If she is scared of waking up alone, reassure her with an age appropriate object like a favorite soft toy or a flashlight. If your child happens to wake up when you leave the room and calls out for you, wait a few minutes before responding. She may go back to sleep by herself. If she comes out of the room, then gently, but firmly accompany her back and get her settled for the night.

Bedtime is precious family time, and with a little bit of planning it can be both, relaxing and special.

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