The first day of school is overwhelming for some students, but it doesn’t have to be for everyone. It’s possible to take the stress out of this experience by following some simple tips. Make this transitional period easier on your first day of college by doing the following:

1: Don’t close your dorm door:
By keeping the door to your dorm room open, you’re allowing people to come in and introduce themselves and creating an inviting atmosphere. Not only will this help you make friends easier and quicker, but you’ll also know when your dorm mates are moving in also.

2: Get Settled as Soon as Possible:
The sooner you unpack all of your belongings, get rid of the boxes, and stow away your suitcases the sooner you’ll feel at home. Creating a homey atmosphere within your dorm room will help stave off homesickness, as well as help you keep organized right from the beginning.

3: Go Exploring:
You may not have time to do this on the first day of college, but it’s important to go exploring throughout the campus as soon as possible. If you can go exploring shortly after you’ve unpacked your dorm room, this is optimal. That way, once you’ve set up your homey environment, you can start feeling at home in your surroundings.

4: Keep Snacks Around:
A great way to make friends, and to keep them coming around, is to have snacks on hand all the time. Keep chocolates, cookies, or chips on hand as soon as you move into your dorm room. That way, when you go around introducing yourself down the halls, you can offer snacks to neighboring rooms. Even candy or popcorn will be well received; it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

This is just the beginning for making your first day of college easier and less stressful. One of the best ways to make this day go more smoothly is to let your mother fuss over you, and spoil you for one last moment.

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