Ever since your child was born you’ve been thinking of this day. You’ve scrimped, saved, and sacrificed so that you could give them a great opportunity, an advantage, and an education. Going to college is a proud moment for both child and parent, but now that the house is empty, you can’t help but wish they were still within arms reach.

Before you start to feel sorry for yourself, you need to remember that:

Lack of Communication Doesn’t Equal Loss of Love

Just because you child doesn’t call you as much as you’d like, there is no reason to be offended. Do you remember what you were like when you were their age? When you are finally on your own, things are exciting, schedules are busy, and a social life is ever present. Once they’ve adjusted to their new life, they’ll likely call and give you the lowdown on what’s what. And besides, not calling you all of the time is a good thing, because it means they are adjusting well to college life.

Don’t Be Nosy About College

When you do get the opportunity to speak with your son or daughter, don’t always steer the conversation about their studies. Remember, they are experiencing so many new things now, including freedom, responsibility, and maturity, let them bring up their classes when they want to. They may be calling because they miss you and want to hear your voice. Relax, and enjoy the moment.

You Have the Rest of Your Life Ahead of You

Not only does your child get to experience a new life, but you do too. Get out and enjoy yourself. You no longer have to be home at a certain time, drive them places, or need to do their laundry. You have so many new experiences waiting for you. Why not take this opportunity to explore all of the things that you had planned before you had kids? Your new life is waiting for you. You’re still parents, but now you have much more freedom.

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