We all know how much high school and college aged students love to clean.  If you have a student in college, you are likely hoping they are spending a good portion of their time studying.  However, you probably also hope they spend at least a small amount of time tidying and clean their dorm room.  In order to help them spend more time on the important things, and less time on the mundane things, such as cleaning, follow this checklist for dorm cleaning essentials.

1. Disinfectant Wipes
Instead of stocking a spray bottle, rags, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies, try disinfecting wipes.  These wipes are a universal cleaning supply.  Not only do they disinfect, they can be used on many different surfaces and clean many different things.

2. A Sweeper-Mop
Dorm space can be tight.  Storing a mop and a sweeper can take up prime real estate in a small dorm room.  Using a sweeper that can double as a mop will save space and make dorm room cleaning a breeze.  These types of mops are easy to store.  In addition, the dry sweeping pads can be used to dust or clean other surfaces.

3. Paper Towels
Paper towels can double as a napkin and a tackler of spills.  Keeping at least one roll in your dorm room will come in handy.

4. Miniature Vacuum
Even the biggest of dorm rooms cannot afford space for a regular or smaller sized vacuum.   Many colleges provide dorm dwellers communal vacuums to use, however, having your own mini vacuum will make the odds greater that the vacuuming actually gets done.

5. Dish Soap
Many students will tire quickly of cafeteria food and be eating food in their own dorms.  Even a small bottle of dish soap can go a long way in cleaning, utensils, bowls, cups and plates.  It may even last an entire year.  Dish soap can also be a multi-purpose cleaner and be used to wash around the sink, other surfaces or even help spot clean laundry in a pinch.

Make dorm room cleaning a no-brainer with these five simple and affordable supplies.  For more articles, checklists, and advice to help your students, Follow the Bryerson Family Education Blog.