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Finding a job after graduation may seem difficult, but a graduate can achieve it perfectly with the right strategy. The key to succeeding when one is searching for a job is to know the talents that he or she matches. The next important key is for the person to know the type of personality that he or she possesses. The graduate does not have to spend money to find out where he or she would fit the best. Online personality assessments are available, and they can help graduates to find jobs that suit them.

The process of finding a job involves searching in places that they will be plentiful. However, a student should start searching for careers while he or she is still in school. The school’s career counselor can help connect that person to internships that can develop into long-term employment opportunities. Additionally, the counselor may have links to corporations that are looking for people to fill positions immediately.

The student will want to create a business profile as quickly as possible. LinkedIn is an example of a site that twill allow a graduate to post a business profile. LinkedIn is a professional social media site where a person can list his or her qualities. Other social media sites that could help a person to find a job are Facebook and Google +.

The student will want to ensure that his or her resume is complete and free of errors. A professional resume service can help a student to build a flawless resume.

Finally, the student will want to visit various sources of online job connections. Online newspapers, government employment agencies, public libraries and job search websites are examples of places that a person can start searching for a job. The potential to obtain a position will increase with each resume.

Finding a job is a process that requires a student to be on his or her best behavior and do everything possible to succeed. Doing everything possible includes dressing for success and speaking fluently in the interview.

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If you are looking to join a post graduate program, you are probably getting ready to do the standardized tests that most graduate programs need. The tests are basically designed to gauge your worthiness for a graduate program so to speak; however, not many post graduate schools can admit you without the scores of these tests. Nonetheless, just like you, there are a number of colleges that don’t need you to take these tests since in some cases they may be pointless. For example, what would be the need of taking a test when you have years of experience in your field? If you do a little bit of digging, you will find a number of colleges that can offer you these programs without the tests. Some of these include:

Business Degree Programs

If you are looking to further your education in Business, you will be happy to know that there are some colleges and universities that will gladly accept your application without the standardized tests. Here is a list of these colleges:

• Ohio University — MBA

• Norwich University — Leadership

• North Eastern University — MBA as well as Finance and Marketing

• University of South California — Master of communication studies

• Rutgers –MBA

These are basically the major colleges and universities that will allow you to undertake business programs without doing any standardized test.

Post Graduate Programs in Health

Just like in business programs, there are some colleges that are open to the idea of applying for different post graduate programs in health without the GMAT and GRE scores. These include:

• Ohio University — nursing and Health Administration

• Maryville University – Master in health administration

• University of Arizona — Master in Nursing

• The University of Florida — Master In Pharmacy

• University of Cincinnati — Master in Health Informatics

In case you need to do a post graduate degree in health, there are so many colleges and universities you can choose. Boston University even offers an opportunity to do a master degree in IT without the standardized tests. In that case, you don’t need to worry about GMAT and GRE.

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