One of the most exciting times in a student’s life can also be the most hectic. There are many ways that incoming college students, whether new to the dorm life or returning after a rough first run with things. Here at Bryerson Family Education Blog, we hope that with these tips, you’ll have a save and fun move into your new dorm.

One of the first people you will meet on campus and possibly one of the first friend you make will be your roommate, but moving day doesn’t have to be the first time you communicate with them. It will make for a good first impression is you go ahead and email or call them to introduce yourself and figure out which commonly used items like a microwave or coffeemaker you will need to bring or that they can bring. You can also discuss things like which bed you want or start getting to know each other.

Next on your to-do list will be the packing. While some colleges provide lists of items that are definitely nice to have immediately after moving, having a lot of items to bring with you can be tedious when unloading and unpacking. The absolute bare essentials are sheets, clothing, hygiene items, and prescription medication. If your dorm has an on site laundry area, you might also bring a laundry bag and essential laundry chemicals. Other items that will be crucial in college include writing supplies, calculator, binders, notebooks, and (most importantly) an alarm clock.

Now you’re all set for moving day! Well, almost anyway. There are two keys to moving day: being early and prepared. If you are a long distance student who will be flying, make sure to ship a few items to the school if possible and take as much as you can as a carry on just in case a luggage mishap happens in the cargo hold and your items are shipped to the wrong location. With plenty of teamwork and preparation, you’ll be on your way to settling into your new dorm room in no time.

Following these tips, using a little common sense, and courtesy with your fellow students, you will have a safe and friendly moving trip into your new dorm.

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