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Family Vacations in France

There is really nothing better than a well-deserved vacation with your family. Even if it is just for the weekend, getting to a cabin, or camping, family vacations bring the whole family together and leave you with experiences that are priceless. When you step it up and plan an international family vacation, you are stepping up the fun and the memories, but you may need a little help on getting things planned out. In this article, we hope to let our readers in on a great way to save money on a family trip to France, and it all has to do with your lodging options.

French Hotels Are Expensive

It should come as no surprise that French hotels are expensive; compared to the rest of the world, a French hotel room can cost double per night for the exact same room in France, as a hotel room in United States. The best way to get around this — especially if you are traveling with the family or a large group — is to rent a French vacation property, house, or even an apartment. “I don’t need all that,” you may say, “I just need a hotel room. Well consider this:

Average Nightly Rate For A Single Hotel Room in France = $250.00 per night

Average Weekly Rate For A 4 Bedroom Vacation Home in France = $1,000.00 per week

Just in that one comparison above, the vacation home will not only offer your family much more room, a full kitchen, and more amenities than a hotel room, but you have also already saved an average of $750.00. Just think of what more you could do with those savings on your vacation… You may even end up staying extra days!

Vacation Rentals in France is the Right Choice

Before you plan your family vacation in France, be sure to check on vacation rentals, and see how much money you can save on your lodging:

vacation rental in France

71261834Even though very controversial within recent years, anyone planning to attend school to attain higher education should carefully consider getting a student loan. Learning everything possible about student debt is the key to ensuring that it does not end up overwhelming you after graduation. Read on to learn more.

Start your student loan search by looking at the safest options first. These are generally the federal loans. They are immune to your credit rating, and their interest rates don’t fluctuate. These loans also carry some borrower protection. This is in place in case of financial issues or unemployment following your graduation from college.

Be sure you know about the grace period of your loan. Each loan has a different grace period. It is impossible to know when you need to make your first payment without looking over your paperwork or speaking with your lender. Be sure to be aware of this information so you do not miss a payment.

When paying off your loans, go about it in a certain way. To begin, pay the minimum every month. Second, pay anything extra to the loan with the highest interest rate, not the one with the highest balance. That way, you will end up spending a lesser amount overall.

If you’re having trouble arranging financing for college, look into possible military options and benefits. Even doing a few weekends a month in the National Guard can mean a lot of potential financing for college education. The possible benefits of a full tour of duty as a full-time military person are even greater.

It’s impossible to see that student loans can really cause a lot of problems, especially if the person doesn’t take their time to learn about them. It’s best to learn about student loans before selecting one. The advice you’ve just read will prove invaluable to you.